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Hey everyone! I've recently completely renovated and expanded this site. In fact, it's so much expanded that I wanted to start it fresh at a new domain. You can check out the new home at

Kevin Morton


 Kevin Morton
My name is Kevin Morton and I created this site in February 2009 as part of an outreach project for the Sleep and Dreams course at Stanford University, taught by Dr. William C. Dement and known for being the only course to ever reward bonus points to students for falling asleep in class!

The purpose of this site is to help spread basic knowledge about sleep, how it works, and how it affects us when it is neglected.

The name Drowsiness Is Red Alert! comes from the mantra of the Sleep and Dreams course that is designed to stick in people's heads and become triggered in times of dangerous drowsiness, such as when driving.

I'd like to extend my thanks Dr. Dement for an enlightening course and to everyone that appears on this site.

I hope the information becomes useful to you in the future, and remember...


-Kevin Morton

February 2009


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