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Hey everyone! I've recently completely renovated and expanded this site. In fact, it's so much expanded that I wanted to start it fresh at a new domain. You can check out the new home, along with brand new outreach projects, at

Kevin Morton

Stanford Sleep Outreach Projects

Each year, Stanford students in the university's Sleep and Dreams class create projects to spread knowledge about sleep. Teenagers, college students, and adults are as a whole drastically uneducated about even basic sleep science, and this doesn't seem to make sense given the monumental importance of sleep. It consumes a third of our lives, and its mistreatment is the cause for large amounts of accidents and deaths every year, as well as a massive fallout in productivity.

With this in mind, the Stanford students have undertaken the task of reaching more people about the importance of sleep, and imparting a plethora of sleep knowledge along the way. The projects listed vary in what they address and take the shape of childrens' books, brochures, videos, newspaper and magazine articles, even a letter to the President of the United States, and more.


Sleep, Interrogation, and the War on Terror
     Also check out the corresponding petition letter to Pres. Obama
     about sleep deprivation and interrogation

By Jake Horowitz, Hiten Chawla, and Peter Williams

Sleep: Our Neglected National Debt

By Gregory Hirshman

Sweet Dreams - Essential Information Your
Bio Teacher Never Mentioned

By Raquel Goya

The Problem With Sleep

By Chris Juhnke

When Waking Up Is Hard To Do

By Alex Kasner

Everything You Want To Know About Insomnia

By Will Oberndorf

Drowsy Driving

By Sam Gould

Sleepwalking - An Embarrassing Night's Sleep

By Peter Livesey


Sleep Debt and Academic Performance

By Matt Platkin

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

By Khai Luong

What You Need To Know About Sleep Bruxism

By Brittany Johnson

What Is Insomnia?

By Turner Pigott

Insomnia - What's keeping you awake?

By Micah Maetoni

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

By Jimmy Threatt

Drowsy Driving

By Nica Alyse Langinger

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

By Rachel Bosley

REM Behavior Disorder (RBD)

By Nina Brentlinger

Sleep Paralysis

By Holly Cooper


By Colette Posse


By Catherine Swanson

Sleep Debt - How To Feel Like A Superhero

By Ralph Nguyen

Kleine-Levin Syndrome

By Estela Marie L. Go

How To Treat Insomnia

By Shara Esbenshade

Restless Leg Syndrome - Haunting People's Days and Nights

By Julie Na

Shift Work Sleep Disorders

Samara Nichols

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Ashley Buckner

Restless Legs Syndrome - What it is and what you can do about it

By Lynn Ngai

Childrens' Books

Adventures In Dreamland


A children's book by Alie Bol, Jocelyn Kinsey, and Erin Pontell


Stanford Sleep Awareness Day

By Beth, Anne, and Beth

Letter To The President

Sleep Deprivation Letter To President Obama

By Jake Horowitz, Hiten Chawla, and Peter Williams
      Also check out the corresponding article Sleep, Interrogation, and the War on Terror


Sleep Disorders - With Richard Bass

By Joe St. Geme, David St. Geme, and Zach Chandy

The Twilight Zone

By Jimmy Coonan, Colin Murfree, and Shane Moriah

Narcolepsy MTV Style

By Jenny Wales and Group

Sleepwalking: A Case Study

By Rita Martinez, Emily Livermore, Kenzie Seal, and Daniel Wetmore

Sleep Debt and MSLT Scores

By Alexis Link and Tamara Alexander

The Epic Narcoleptic

By Brad Lawson, Erik, Havi, and Molly

Sleep Time!

By Patrick Kelly and  Ruthie Arbeiter

Sleep Apnea - Don't Stop Your Breathin'

By Taylor Goodspeed, Anais Berland, Evelyn Danforth, and Kaitlyn Gardner


By Alex Ingram

 (This Website!)

By Kevin Morton


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